Cinderella’s Castle Built With A Whopping 50,000 LEGO Bricks

lego cinderella castle

This LEGO castle is fit for a princess. A tiny princess. Or maybe a cat. Yeah, a cat would love this.

Lego builder Erik Jones completed this massive Cinderella’s Castle build with 50,000 bricks. It stands at six and a half feet high and four and a half feet wide. Amazing.

After visiting the real castle in Florida, Jones went home and painstakingly rendered the design in LEGO Digital Designer with help from the original blueprints he found online.

Check out some more pics of the finished product after the break…

Lego Cinderella Castle

On Reddit, Jones noted that his biggest challenge with the build was sourcing all of the bricks. When all was said and done he spent $4,500 on supplies.

Currently, Jones is trying to figure out what to do with the castle–he’s thinking either donating it to a charity, or trying to get it on display at a LEGO store.

(via The Nerdist)


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