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Let’s Guess Which Think Geek April Fools’ Products Will Become Real


Today, retailers all over the Internet will unveil phony April Fools’ Day products. But nobody does it better than Think Geek. Every year, their creations get more and more outrageous. Amazingly enough, they also continue to fool people year after year.

The reality is that Think Geek’s April Fools’ Day releases are kind of a litmus test for creating actual products. At some point later this year or early 2016 you’ll actually be able to buy some of these crazy contraptions. Can you guess which ones will make the cut? The Voltron Cat Condo pictured above seems like a decent bet.

See more of this year’s crop after the break and let us know what you think will become real (or just want to become real) in the comments.

The Voltron Cat Condo


Game Of Thrones Clue: Hey, we already have Game Of Thrones Risk on the way so it could happen.



EnCounter – Wearable Interactive Quest / The description reads:

Sometimes you feel like you’re in your own little world. And with EnCounter – Wearable Interactive Quest, you can be.

Messages like “daily activity goal reached” or “Congratulations. You moved 10,497 steps” just don’t motivate us, so we developed our wearable technology – EnCounter, a Wearable Interactive Quest. You strap the kit’s bracer to your wrist, and it begins to track your movements. And with a tri-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, GPS, digital compass, and an optical heart-rate monitor, it constantly communicates your physical status back to the free downloadable app (available for iOS and Android) via Bluetooth®. When you’re ready for an adventure, just start moving, and the bracer will respond accordingly. Pop the earpiece in to hear a dramatic description real time. Ascending stairs? We know you can make it up to the crow’s nest on the pirate ship if you just keep climbing. Briskly walking? Perhaps you’re hacking through the wilderness to the legendary Keep on the Borderlands. Keep an eye out for those random encounters, which your EnCounter may throw in if it thinks you could some interval training. And be ready to roll at any time!

Inside the app itself, you can fill out your Character Sheet, letting your EnCounter know whether it should be training you to be the party’s tank or making sure you magic users catch up on your sleep to recharge your mana. Oh, and when we say “party,” we mean it. Link up to your friends inside the app, and you can take on challenges as a team, even when your gaming group is scattered across the country or the world.


GotG Collector’s Edition Groot Beer and Rocket Fuel Two-Pack / The description reads:

The GotG Collector’s Edition Groot Beer and Rocket Fuel Two-Pack is a limited-run beverage set which features collector-quality bottles and a certificate of authenticity (the Collector just loves that part). But it’s not just for show – it’s also a masterful drink combination. Groot Beer is the best root beer we’ve ever tasted – creamy, non-caffeinated, and cool, with hints of anise, vanilla, and toffee. Rocket Fuel, in comparison, is a potent energy shot full of pep, vitamins, and loads of caffeine. If you want the best possible team to fight for justice, pour your Rocket Fuel into your Groot Beer. You’ll instantly be both mellow and full of caffeinated vigor. And, you’ll be ready to defend this, or any, galaxy from the forces of evil. Get hooked on a feeling, and get your GotG Collector’s Edition Groot Beer and Rocket Fuel Two-Pack today!


Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet / The description reads:

The Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet is a Video game console that is literally a steam machine. That is, it is steam powered! Using a patent-pending miniature boiler mechanism, a stationary steam engine produces all the electricity you need to play your games. Of course you’ll need to keep a close eye on the boiler pressure, stoke the fire, grease all internal lubrication points, and properly rectify the output voltage, but isn’t the enjoyment you’ll receive worth it? Included is one wired Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet controller – itself a work of steampunk art. With many tweaks and lights and valves (get it?), the Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet is the Steam Machine to rule them all. Plus, if you have an alternate power source for your television and internet, the Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet will keep you gaming even if the electricity goes out! Talk about gaming off the grid.


Do It YourSelfie 360° Selfie Rig


Power Wheels Desert Drifters / The description reads:

Power Wheels Desert Drifters are the Power Wheels you coveted as a child, but all done up Mad Max-style – complete with spikes, spears, and other automatic weapons (of the foam dart variety). Your kids can pretend to be rogue gangs, by-the-book or disillusioned MFP officers, or just regular folks trying desperately to survive in a dystopian version of the future Land Down Under. These Power Wheels Desert Drifters have a top forward speed of 7.5 mph and can take quite a lot of hits (and driving) before needing a battery recharge. That’s right, with Power Wheels Desert Drifters, your kids won’t be fighting over gasoline – they’ll be fighting over the extension cord. Just make sure they understand who runs Bartertown. YOU run Bartertown!


Finally, the Game Of Thrones Hodor Travel Buddy was featured in our press release but, as of this writing, has not been posted on Think Geek. The description reads:

The world out there is complicated. It’s good knowing someone has your back. With our new GoT Hodor Travel Buddy, you will feel like you are traveling with a trusted friend. ?

The GoT Hodor Travel Buddy’s mount system allows for easy and safe one-handed operation with full access to all device controls. It fits devices up to 4″ wide, including the Samsung Galaxy Series, iPhones, plus HTC and Nokia smartphones. Its unique grip with rotating head securely holds your device with or without a case. The gooseneck suction windshield mount ensures it isn’t going anywhere without you. ?

But the Hodor mount system is only the beginning of the GoT Hodor Travel Buddy. It also comes with a code for a companion app to download from the App Store or Google Play, named “Hodor.” The app gives you GPS capabilities on your phone. Hodor provides spoken street names and guidance so you can hear upcoming directions. You can use Hodor’s interface to customize your route for the shortest distance or fastest time, plus Hodor automatically reroutes for missed turns. ?

Click on the Black Bird icon to turn on problem monitoring, which will scan the airwaves for messages about potential trouble on your route. When one is detected, an alternative route is calculated and you are given a choice as to whether you want to continue or take the detour.?

With the Hodor mount system which allows you to position your phone for optimal viewing and reach and the Hodor app guiding you every step of the way, the GoT Hodor Travel Buddy is the perfect companion for your next trip.


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