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Marvel’s Legal Team Seeks To Prove That Mutants Are Not Human

Apparently the fight for mutant/human equality only applies in the world of X-Men, because in reality Marvel’s legal team has set out to prove that mutants and humans are in fact, completely different beings.

Not surprisingly, money is the root of this prejudice (note that Marvel is also a SOPA supporter).

The move stems from taxes levied on toys manufactured in different countries and imported to the states. “Dolls” are defined as products representing humans, and carry a tax rate of 12%. “Toys” on the other hand, represent non-humans (such as robots or animals), and carry a much lower tax rate of 6.8%. Marvel wants to prove that mutants are not humans, and should therefore fall into the cheaper “toy” category.

The whole story was revealed on the Radiolab Podcast, which you can check out after the break.

(Slashfilm via i09)


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