New Funko Pop! Star Wars Toys Announced For May The 4th

pop funko 1

Star Wars day is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than by ordering new toys? Funko’s just announced Series 6 of their Star Wars Pop! collection featuring adorable bobblehead, chibi-like toys. And yep, I’m going to need all of them.

First of all, there’s a 6″ super-sized Wampa. He looks too cute to be bad news. The rest of the line includes Luke Skywalker in his Hoth gear, Bossk, the Emperor, Hammerhead, and a Biker Scout. The latest additions to the Pop! line will ship in June.

Check out the rest of the series after the break.

pop funko 2

pop funko 4

pop funko 6

pop funko 5

pop funko 3

Product Page ($9.99 and up)


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