Pre-Order A Larger Than Life-Size Rocket Raccoon

rocket raccoon figure 1

Despite his rough and tough attitude, Rocket Raccoon is cute. His small stature contributes to his appeal and also means that the character was destined to become a life-size statue. NECA toys has come up with a slightly larger than life-size Rocket Raccoon figure that’s almost 3 feet tall. He’s hand-painted to match the on-screen version of the character, and the figure is made from foam rubber and latex. Whatever you do, don’t give him a weapon.

Pre-order now to receive your own pet Rocket Raccoon in March 2015.

See more pics of the big collectible after the break.

rocket raccoon figure 2

rocket raccoon figure 3

rocket raccoon figure 4

Product Page ($299.99 via Super Punch)


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