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Save Me From The Cthulhu Barbie

There is no shortage of special edition Barbies. They portray Disney princesses, special Barbies are issued for Christmas each year, and on and on. Sabrina, the blogger behind Introverted Wife, had a random idea after looking at the collector edition Barbie dolls at a Toys R Us. She came up with a Cthulhu Barbie doll and used Photoshop to slap together a concept.

After the internet saw it, everyone wanted to know if it was an actual thing. So, Sabrina decided to make her digital creation come to life. She found a Barbie in the clearance section, sculpted tentacles from latex, painted the Barbie in multiple shades of green, and added wings (she provides all the details on her site). The result? This glorious, hideous Cthulhu Barbie that might give this fully grown adult nightmares.

See more views of the scary Barbie doll after the break.

The Photoshop sketch that started it all:

(via Bit Rebels)


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