Star Wars is my Kryptonite

Every superhero has a weakness, that one fatal flaw that, if exploited properly, will crush our hero and result in the destruction of all mankind. I’m thinking of Superman and the dreaded Kryptonite. Just how many times has that guy been taken out of the game or nearly so by the sudden appearance of this glowy, green, bit of space stuff? As someone who was born on Earth instead of Krypton, I have no problem with any of the random bits of space debris that fall from the sky unless they fall on my head, which so far hasn’t happened. I have discovered, however, that I have a huge weakness that will result not in the destruction of all mankind, but the complete destruction of my checking account. Star Wars is my Kryptonite.

I just returned from a magical vacation in Walt Disney World in Florida. It was sunny and warm and I got to wear shorts and t-shirts all week. I ate too much ice cream, took too many pictures and walked through far too many gift shops. It started when I arrived at my hotel and saw Mickey Mouse on everything from pens to mugs to pins. I wanted to buy it all, but I kept my wallet closed and headed to my room. Once we got to the park there were even more goodies tempting me to spend my money. There were stuffed animals, and Mickey Ears themed to look like my favorite “Mickey On A Stick” ice cream and picture frames and, well, you get the idea. I bought a few things here and there, but I was mostly a fiscally responsible adult. Until I saw my first Star Wars themed Mickey item. They were little plastic figures, like green army men, and I had two packages in my hand and paid for within seconds.

We headed to dinner after this purchase where I ripped open the packages to see which characters I’d received and then lined them up on my butter dish for a picture. Yes, Emily Post would have been shocked by this horrible breach of proper table manners, but the guy across from us was dressed like a pirate complete with puffy shirt and feathered hat so I think I was okay. I cringed as my kids used my precious toys as markers for the game on the kids menu. They were my figures. I then made it through the rest of the week being a responsible adult, right up until the day before we left. The moment when I finally found the Star Wars Vinylmation characters that had just been released, it’s possible that I jumped up and down and made little squealing noises of joy. I bought one. Then I bought another. Before we left I had four of the little guys and the only thing that stopped me from going back for more was a sudden downpour.

I thought the rain had ended my Star Wars induced spending spree, but the best was yet to come. I completely caved, opening my wallet before I’d even seen the price, when in the presence of the Classics Collection Jedi Mickey. I have a bunch of Classics Collection pieces and haven’t bought any new ones in quite awhile, but this was Mickey, as a JEDI. I had to have him. I clutched the bag with him happily tucked in his shiny green box for the ride home. Of all the temptations in Walt Disney World, of all the trinkets and collectibles and shiny, happy goodness, all it took was Mickey in a brown robe wielding a lightsaber and I was done. The new Star Wars ride is supposed to be ready in time for Star Wars Weekends this May. I’m thinking I may have to go back and see what kind of cool new stuff comes out to commemorate the event. Money is no object, I mean, the kids will be just fine eating bread and water for the next year, right?

This article was reprinted from Total Fan Girl, a blog written by Nicole Wakelin.


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