The LEGO Mickey Mouse Mech

Apparently, Mickey Mouse is done with the whole “rated G” charade. He’s got a badass mech thanks to Julius von Brunk, who actually submitted this concept to Lego Ideas. Something tells me that Disney wouldn’t approve of their mascot wreaking havoc in a gigantic war machine, but we can dream can’t we? Take a closer look below.

Introducing the latest in Disney technology, an armed bipedal battle unit piloted by the beloved rodent Mickey Mouse! This menacing action pod is highly-articulated and poseable, as well as durable and sturdy with the usage of Technic ball and socket joints. The top canopy easily retracts to allow our little mouse minifigure to climb inside to maintain the controls. The unit’s hands contain hinges for allowing the fingers to grip, such as holding weapons and/or enemy minifigs.

If you want to lend your support to the cause, head on over to the Mecha Mouse LEGO Ideas page.



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