This $18,000 Evangelion Statue Is Available At 7-Eleven In Japan

7-11 Evangelion Unit-01 statue 1

7-Elevens in Japan have so much more than unhealthy snacks and chilled beverages right now; they have ridiculously expensive Evangelion Unit-01 statues. It’s the perfect fit for wealthy Neon Genesis Evangelion fans that also enjoy Slurpees and questionable meat products.

There are only 25 units of the limited edition statue. It measures over 6 feet tall and comes in 7-Eleven colors. Since it’s priced at 1.8 million yen or $17,800 dollars, you can’t take it home directly from the store. Once you fill out a form, 7-Eleven will call you and arrange a bank transfer. You’ll get your colorful Unit-01 in a few months.

See a couple more photos of the statue after the break.

7-11 Evangelion Unit-01 statue 2

7-11 Evangelion Unit-01 statue 3


(Sponichi via Kotaku, photos by noronorochan and Daigo19780408)


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