Vote To Get A LEGO Stay Puft Marshmallow Man On Store Shelves


Now that LEGO has opened the door to the Ghostbusters franchise, Cuusoo is getting more and more projects from the films. Brent Waller, the builder who created the Ecto-1 project that has become official, has also designed a LEGO Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The 13-inch figure has an estimated 1,800 pieces and took him 60 hours to design and build. It even has articulated arms, legs, head, feet, and hands.

His proposal includes more than just Stay Puft – it also has three minifigs. He built blocky versions of Walter Peck, the Gatekeeper, and the Keymaster.

Look at more photos of the blocky Marshmallow Man after the break.

thumb640x360 (1)

thumb640x360 (3)

thumb640x360 (4)

thumb640x360 (2)

If you want to see Stay Puft become a reality, give the project your vote at Cuusoo.

(via Fanboy)


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