Wish The Goonies A Happy Anniversary By Voting On This LEGO Set [Video]

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The Goonies is a classic story about kids having an adventure, and hard as it is to believe, it was released 30 years ago. Wow. Rather than being depressed about your age, help breathe some new life into the franchise by supporting LEGO sets and minifigs inspired by the film! Yes, there is a LEGO Cuusoo project set up for The Goonies. Builder Lyonsblood has created a Skeleton Scare set, a Fratelli Fracas set, and eight minifigs to populate the brick scenes. I appreciate that the sets seem to have several moving features that fit in with the whole adventure theme of the movie. Given that The Goonies is playful and iconic, having official LEGO sets seems like a natural fit.

You can help it get there by voting on Cuusoo!

See more possible sets after the break along with a video.


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